Regina Living Room Set

3+3+1+1 Regina Sofa Set. Regina Sofa Set has 12 diffirent color option.

3 Seater size: 215*86*82

1 Seater size: 60*65*100

CBM is 2.9 (Regina Sofa Set can be loaded 24 set to 40 ft container )

A modern salon set consisting of 4 pieces from B4B Furniture

Soft set durable salon set for extra relaxation. The salon set includes two piece large sofa, two piece single sofa. You can enjoy a contemporary look with this three-piece living room covered in a rich color with high-quality wood and first qualiyt foam creating the perfect living room. This set is perfect for enhancing the warmth and beauty of any home.

We offer salons with the best and finest types of wood and fabrics.

The wood used for decorative wood is one of the best quality and strong woods.

The salon kit is handcrafted by professionals from the best carpenters and furniture industry professionals.

We guarantee the quality of the products and their design exactly as shown in the picture.

Dimensions 200 × 60 × 90 cm


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